Image by Mike Palmowski

About Us

The Craftsman Agency is a bespoke creative shop that infuses the global market with artistic experiences, immersive storytelling, and craftsmanship. Working with brands such as Cisco, Disney, and Malwarebytes, we create thoughtful, inventive campaigns that have audiences on their feet. 


cred is a unique communications agency dedicated to owning the event space. Founded in 2015, we build thought leaders by connecting clients to the right speaking opportunities and helping clients host events. We pride ourselves on having a finger on the pulse of the event industry’s biggest trends and topics.


The Craftsman Agency and cred have teamed up to bring you stand-out event planning and execution. Together, we help imaginative brands create transformative virtual and in-person experiences, turning their stories into page-turners.

Why work with us?

We leverage the power of digital to create memorable, valuable events.

If you’re looking for someone to develop awesome creative that expresses your brand’s story and fun ideas that will draw in your audience or keep them engaged, look no further.

Event planning is at our core.

Want help deciding on the type of event that will best achieve your goals and the virtual platform that will fit your needs? Seeking assistance with stakeholder communications and speaker management?  We’ve got the experience you need to pull off a fantastic event.

We know details count and we make sure every single one is in order.

Your event needs to be brilliantly executed to turn your audience into fans. Through our vast experience, we’ve compiled valuable best practices and lessons learned. We tap into these during the entire process—and when your event kicks off, we’ll be with you every step of the way.