Looking to create a solid hybrid event strategy and pick the optimal virtual platform?

You came to the right place.

Finalizing your event strategy can be daunting. And sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.


Once your strategy is completed, you’ll need to pick the perfect platform. Even if you find a great platform for one type of event, it may not work for another. It also seems like new platforms and capabilities pop up daily. 


That’s why we tapped into our wealth of expertise to create tools that make setting up your next event a lot easier. From CES to SXSW, our team uses these tools every day to help clients create a solid hybrid event strategy and choose the best platforms.


And now we’ve made them available to you! 

Virtual Platform Assessment: DIY Package | $149

This package includes two documents that work together to help you understand your requirements, covering topics such as overall strategy, attendee information, sponsorship, registration, support, and customization.

What you get:
  • Event Strategy Worksheet: An editable worksheet (PDF) that walks you through all the topics you and your team need to think through to be prepared for your conversations with potential vendors. It also helps you pinpoint your event’s key priorities and required platform features.

  • Platform Selection Questionnaire: An editable questionnaire (Google Sheet) that not only enables you to easily keep track of notes and compare platforms but also provides the framework for your conversations. You have all the right questions to ask at your fingertips, saving you a lot of potential back-and-forth as well as hiccups down the road.



Top 6 Virtual Platform Guide | $249

Don’t have time for all the research and inquiries? We’ve done it for you! This guide helps you quickly narrow down your search and select your winner. It includes our top six choices based on our extensive experience with virtual platforms, providing a comparison of their key criteria and features.

What are our top six choices? We won’t keep you in suspense. We chose Big Marker, Brella, Hopin, Swapcard, WorkCast, and Zoom Webinar. For any more details, though, you’ll need to get the guide!

The guide includes:
  • Our recommendations for which platform is best for customization, value, ease of use, and more

  • The high-level pros and cons of each platform

  • Comparisons of features such as integrations, customization and branding options, video and livestream capabilities, and engagement opportunities 

Note: This guide includes all the topics covered in our DIY package.

6 Platform Document.png

1-Hour Event Planning Brainstorm | $249/hour

One of our experienced event planners is happy to get on a call anytime during your event planning process to brainstorm, assess your progress, and help create a roadmap for your next steps.

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